13 Reasons Why Psychological Analysis?

What do psychologists say about 13 reasons why?

As clinical psychologist David Swanson argues, 13 Reasons Why will not cause people to take their own lives. It is anxiety, depression and major stress that are the triggers.

What mental illness does Alex Standall have?

Second, Alex Standall’s psychological conditions after making mistake to Hannah Baker was quite tragic. After Hannah’s death and her tapes were spread, Alex experienced a pretty severe depression, the things he talked about were only about suicide and ending his life.

What mental illness does Jessica have in 13 Reasons Why?

On Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Jessica Davis (played by Alisha Boe) seems to exhibit symptoms of PTSD in the second season, after being sexually assaulted in the first season. We watch her sleep on her parents’ floor, have flashbacks, and fear physical contact.

What mental health disorder does Hannah Baker have?

Towards the end of the narrative, Hannah’s meeting with Mr. Porter marks her complete descent into depression.

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Why 13 reasons is wrong?

Despite the fact that the 13 Reasons Why is rated as TV-MA (unsuitable for those under 17), and 18 in the UK, there were many impressionable eyes on the series i.e. minors. Sexual assault is one of the largest themes in the series, and the writers failed to send the right message time and time again.

Why is 13 reasons depressing?

It looks real, it feels real, and it deals with issues that feel relatable—and that makes it enticing. 13 Reasons Why is not recommended for any teen struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, or a history of trauma.

Why did Alex Kiss Zach?

And sure enough, the Netflix series gave them the Zalex kiss they’ve been waiting for, to such iconic extents, that #ZALEXFOREVER is trending on Twitter as of writing. The kiss happened as Alex in an attempt to ‘live’ his life, indulges not Zach’s crazy impulsive habits.

Is Zach Dempsey straight?

Zach and Hannah revealed that they’re both virgins.

Did Alex Standall survive?

Despite the second season’s cliffhanger, Alex is alive. Because he put a bullet through his head, he now has trouble using one of his arms and needs a cane to support him while walking.

Did Jessica sleep with Bryce?

In her speech she cited Bryce’s apology tape, which made Ani realize that she was connected to Bryce’s murder. When Ani revealed to Jessica that she slept with Bryce, Jessica confessed what had happened to Bryce.

Why is Clay Jensen going crazy?

Ellman doesn’t call it out specifically, it seems Clay has a form of the disorder called psychogenic amnesia, which is the inability to recall personally significant memories. His condition is likely triggered by all the personal trauma and loss he’s dealt with throughout the seasons.

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What did Clay do Hannah?

Both in the Netflix series, the story of Hannah’s experiences at her high school is told through Clay’s eyes as he reacts to the content of Hannah’s cassette tapes which explain why she committed suicide.

Why 13rw is a bad show?

The 13 Reasons Why It Sucks. It portrays suicide in a very unrealistic way. It makes a drama out of a serious issue and teaches that you make people who hurt you feel bad. It also doesn’t work as a serious portrayal of suicide.

Is 13 reasons why worth to watch?

Overall, 13 Reasons Why is a mess. It attempts to tackle so many issues that it inevitably falls short. If you enjoy teen drama, I’d say go ahead and watch it. If you’re looking for a program that realistically portrays suicide, teen pregnancy, sexual assault, or violence, I’d urge you to look elsewhere.

What was wrong with Hannah Baker?

Hannah’s suicide is the central plot of the story for the first season. She only appeared as an hallucination or in a flashback. She narrated the first season through the tapes she left behind. Through her narration on the tapes, she revealed the reasons she committed suicide.

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