Quick Answer: 11 Psychological Tips To Make People Do What You Want?

How do you trick someone into doing what you want?

5 Ways to Trick People into Doing What You Want

  1. Use a “decoy” option to make your proposition look like a better choice.
  2. Confuse people to get them to agree to your requests.
  3. Preface what you really want with something outlandish.
  4. Use nouns instead of verbs.
  5. Copy people’s body language and facial expressions.

How do you psychologically make someone agree with you?

7 Psychological Persuasion Tips – How to Persuade Someone Tricks

  1. Ultimate terms. Some words are more persuasive than others.
  2. Talk quickly.
  3. The right body language.
  4. Repetition.
  5. Balanced arguments.
  6. Tell a story instead of reporting data.
  7. Taking some power away from the powerful.

How do you influence people psychologically?

These are ways to win friends and influence people using psychology without being a jerk or making someone feel bad.

  1. Get Favors.
  2. Aim High.
  3. Names.
  4. Flattery.
  5. Mirroring.
  6. Use Tiredness.
  7. Offer They Can’t Refuse.
  8. Keep Quiet.
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How do you impress someone psychologically?

Psychological hacks to impress anyone instantly

  1. Focus on your and others body language you are speaking to.
  2. Here’s an interesting read about how to do well in group discussions of top MBA colleges.
  3. Right attitude.
  4. Become a good listener.
  5. Ask as many questions as you can.
  6. Always end you note by saying Thank You.

How do you convince someone to say yes?

Here’s her advice, according to what researchers studying persuasion have found.

  1. Use a personal note.
  2. Be up front with your request.
  3. Use guilt to your advantage.
  4. Use the right words.
  5. Focus on what the other person will gain.
  6. Remind the person he or she can always say no.
  7. Appropriate physical touch may help.

How do u make someone love u?

PART 1 – How To Make Someone Love You With YOUR BEHAVIOUR

  1. Be a safe space for the person.
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  4. Let your self shine.
  5. Be confident in your abilities.
  6. Don’t confess your feelings first.
  7. Make this person feel needed.
  8. Show interest in them.

How do you manipulate someone?

Be charismatic.

  1. Make people feel special. Make eye contact when you talk to them, and ask them about their feelings and interests.
  2. Exude confidence. Charismatic people love who they are and what they do.
  3. Be confident. When you say something, whether it’s true or just another creation, do it with confidence.

How do I get what I want psychologically?

14 psychological tricks to get people to do what you want

  1. Use a ‘decoy’ option to get people to buy your product.
  2. Tweak the environment to get people to act less selfish.
  3. Mimic people’s body language to get them to like you.
  4. Speak quickly to get an argument opponent to agree with you.
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What can you do to convince someone?

6 ways to persuade anyone of anything

  1. Be confident. Your first step is to remain and project confidence throughout the entirety of your appeal.
  2. Introduce a logical argument. People are easily persuaded by logic.
  3. Make it seem beneficial to the other party.
  4. Choose your words carefully.
  5. Use flattery.
  6. Be patient, but persistent.

How do you influence people’s behavior?

Sustainability: six ways to influence behavior change

  1. Liking. People tend to agree with people they like.
  2. Reciprocity. People like to give – and take.
  3. Authority. People like to follow legitimate experts.
  4. Commitment and consistency.
  5. Social proof.
  6. Scarcity.
  7. Using frameworks for influence.

How do you persuade and influence?


  1. Find the perfect way to win people over.
  2. Become an amazing negotiator.
  3. Overcome objections.
  4. Appreciate and understand the other person’s standpoint.
  5. Understand why people buy what they buy.
  6. Ensure people remember you and what you want.
  7. Build long-term trust and credibility.

How do you influence people’s minds?

15 Ways You Can Use To Influence People

  1. Make an unusual request before your real request.
  2. Whenever someone is angry and confrontational, stand next to them instead of in front of them.
  3. Open with “I need your help.” People don’t like the guilt of not helping someone out.

How can I speak to attract others?

So, here are 5 ways to attract amazing people into your life.

  1. Be that Person! If you want to attract other amazing people to you, then be that person too.
  2. Speak It! The power of positive affirmations.
  3. Make the Connection! Get good at being genuinely interested in others.
  4. Add Value!
  5. Lastly, Communicate your Vision!
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How can I impress people immediately?

To make a connection with someone you’ve just met, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Use your wardrobe and style. One of the easiest ways to get noticed and impress people is through visual cues.
  2. Get other people to talk about you.
  3. Open the conversation.
  4. Brag without bragging.
  5. Learn how to tell stories.

How can I impress a girl psychologically?

These 5 psychological hacks will help you impress the woman you

  1. Talk about things that are overwhelming.
  2. Be a charmer.
  3. Instead of attracting, make her get attracted to you.
  4. Display any talent you have subtly.
  5. A touch that will leave her smitten.

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