Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Statements About Psychological Contracts Is True?

What is true of the psychological contract?

The psychological contract develops and will constantly evolve over the working relationship. It is refined according to the behaviour and communication that goes on between employer and employee. In return, they receive rewards from the employer, such as job security, recognition, personal development and status.

Which of the following statements best defines the term psychological contract?

Workers always acted rationally. Which of the following statements best defines the term “psychological contract”? It is the shared expectations between people.

What is a psychological contract quizlet?

A psychological contract is. An individual’s beliefs regarding the reciprocal exchange between them and the organization.

What are the usual employee and employer expectations in a psychological contracts?

The term ‘psychological contract’ refers to the unwritten beliefs and expectations that: Employees have about their roles and the support they will receive from their employer, e.g. conditions of employment, opportunities for growth and development, the culture in which they will work.

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What are the 4 types of psychological contract?

Following these two dimensions, four types of psychological contracts were identified: mutual high obligations, mutual low obligations, employee over-obligation, and employee under-obligation.

How do you classify the psychological contract?

The implicit nature of the psychological contract makes it difficult to define, although there is some general consensus on its nature. This consensus identifies psychological contracts as ” promissory, implicit, reciprocal, perceptual, and based on expectations.”

What is the purpose of psychological contract?

The psychological contract, by definition, represents the understanding of mutual expectations between employees and employers. In theory, the psychological contract is used to maintain a positive employee-employer relationship by founding a set of mutually agreed ground rules.

How do psychological contracts develop?

The psychological contract develops and evolves constantly based on communication, or lack thereof, between the employee and the employer. Promises over promotion or salary increases, for example, may form part of the psychological contract.

What are the features of psychological contract?

Broadly, the psychological contract may cover the following aspects of the employment relationship and how they interact:

  • Job security.
  • Career prospects.
  • Training and development.
  • Perceived fairness of pay and benefits.
  • Manager support.
  • Employer’s reputation and impact on the society.

What is a psychological contract Why is it important what psychological contracts do you currently have quizlet?

In essence, psychological contracts are an individual’s belief regarding reciprocal obligations: what obligations the employee owes the employer and employer obligations to the employee. “A set of unwritten reciprocal expectations between an individual employee and the organization.”

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What is the relational psychological contract more concerned with?

Psychological contracts are essentially relational. Relational contracts concern the maintenance and quality of emotional and interpersonal relationships between employer and employee and between peers.

Why is emotional intelligence necessary for managers and executives quizlet?

People with high levels of EI are able to develop productive and positive interpersonal relationships through understanding, conflict resolution, and negotiation. Leadership requires successful interactions with others and the ability to motivate them to accomplish goals.

How do you develop a positive psychological contract?

‘ They also emphasize the importance of a high-involvement climate and suggest in particular that HRM practices such as the provision of opportunities for learning, training and development, focus on job security, promotion and careers, minimizing status differentials, fair reward systems and comprehensive

What is a healthy psychological contract?

A healthy Psychological Contract is one where both sides agree that a fair balance of give and take exists. This is impossible to achieve where there are lots of hidden perceptions, so the first aim is to encourage greater openness and mutual awareness.

What is a balanced psychological contract?

A balanced psychological contract is an employer–employee relationship that features an expectation of career advancement in exchange for high performance on work assignments. In addition, the interaction between openness to experience and balanced contracts was significantly related to employee job satisfaction.

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